Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gift Guide - Simplicity

Although holiday season is now over, gift giving season never really ends. I recently picked up a few simple but super adorable gifts for my friends. Me being the procrastinator that I am (ugh) missed a few birthdays before the holidays even started and finally got around to getting those presents.

I found all this cute stuff at this awesome new store near me called the World Market. Honestly, the store was basically heaven to me.

I went very simple with rings, coffee travel mugs, journals, and even jewelry holders. All of which have intricate designs that basically made me want to drool lol. 
My personal favorite piece was this beautiful jewelry holder that would totally come in handy to anyone. I always try to stay with gifts that are useful and fun, nobody likes a boring gift. I also picked up some super nice and handy cosmetic bags which are obviously a staple for anyone. I feel like you can find so many uses for little bags, organization in your purse, holding jewelry while traveling, and makeup of course.

 Plus how cute are these little gift bags? World Market was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. They have some amazing finds and nothing was too expensive at all. I would totally see if you can find one near you and stop by.

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