Monday, January 18, 2016

A "one of those kind of days" Detox

Today was just one of those days. With no intentions to leave the house, or move for that matter. Just one of those days and by the end of the night you feel as if you've accomplished nothing, but not in an enjoyable way. You're probably a little dirty, restless but not able to sleep. The hours dread on but you just can't seem to do anything about it. So I bring you my detox, it may not work for everyone but I know it sure does help me.

Most of the time you wake up and just know its going to be one of those days.... so heres my advice, stay in bed a few extra minutes. Plan in your head what you want to wear. Think about how you can make your day good, maybe even think about something good you have planned for the week.

Which brings up my next thing. Stay organized. Declutter your day, pull out your planner and plan out your day. With a time frame you may be able to actually get something done, even with those sunday blues.

Take a bath. And enjoy it. I also make sure to put some lavender oil in my bath.

Eat something yummy, maybe run out and get yourself something.

Wear something comfy, sweatpants are okay!

Put on your natural light makeup look... if your anything like me you may want to be glowy. Looking alive and good always helps me through the day. I pretty eyeshadow like Mac's Woodwinked is always a must have for me.

And for my last piece of advice find the small things that will make your day just a little bit better

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