Saturday, April 6, 2013

Song of The Week- Running For Cover

Almost everyday I do my daily patrol through iTunes in search of new music. Each week I make sure to check out the Single Of The Week, which typically range from being totally out of the blue weird music to being some of the best songs I'll ever hear. Not to long I stumbled across one that I've been totally obsessed with. Ivan & Alyosha had been a fairly new discovery to me and when I spotted their song Running For Cover was Single of The Week I had to snag it up.

Expecting this song to be good I had very high expectations for it. After listening to it about forty times it became clear that I was pretty obsessed with the song. Soon enough I got all my sisters obsessed and almost everyone I know.

I highly suggest you check out Ivan & Alyosha if you're a fan of Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men. Here's the link to their music video on youtube.

Disclaimer: this is my opinion and my opinion only and I don't have experience in the music industry or anything like that the point of this is just to talk to others about music and the songs that I like!

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